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Feb 10, 2022
How to Win the Dell Scholarship

The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation offers 500 scholarship awards every year for students in need of financial help for college. For many people, getting a college education is an important goal that ... Read More

Feb 8, 2022
How to Win the Duct Tape Scholarship

Not every scholarship for post-secondary school funding focuses on academic achievement or financial need. The duct tape scholarship instead rewards students with a high degree of creativity, fashion ... Read More

Feb 3, 2022
How to Win Eagle Scout Scholarships

The highest rank in the Boy Scouts of America is called the Eagle Scout. Young men usually achieve this level only after a lot of hard work and dedication to the organization and its principles. Not ... Read More

Feb 1, 2022
What to Know about Bright Futures Florida Scholarships

Florida is one of the states in the country that directly provides scholarships for students who do well in high school coursework. The Bright Futures Florida program bases awards on levels of ... Read More

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